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Child-resistant Triangular Concentrate Jar

Child-resistant Triangular Concentrate Jar


Child-Resistant Design:

Our jar incorporates an advanced child-resistant mechanism, compliant with the highest safety standards. The twist-and-push cap ensures that curious little hands cannot access the contents, providing peace of mind to adult users.

Elegant Aesthetics:

The jar boasts a sophisticated, modern design that complements any collection. With its glossy finish and clean lines, it exudes luxury, making it a standout piece for both personal use and retail displays.

Airtight Seal:

The airtight sealing system prevents exposure to air, moisture, and contaminants, ensuring your cannabis oil or cream remains fresh and effective for longer periods. The seal also helps in containing any odors, maintaining discretion.

Ideal For:

  • Cannabis Oil: Safeguard your high-quality cannabis oil in a jar designed to maintain its properties.
  • Cannabis Cream: Store your therapeutic cannabis creams securely, ensuring they stay fresh and effective.

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