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Child-resistant Mylar Bag

Child-resistant Mylar Bag


We are proud to introduce our industry-leading Child-Resistant Bags, featuring a patented press & seal zipper design that creates an effective moisture and odor-proof barrier. These bags are designed to safely store and protect medicinal flower products, concentrates, edibles, vape cartridges, and other infused products.

  1. Patented Press & Seal Zipper Design: Our Child-Resistant Bags feature a unique press & seal zipper design that provides exceptional sealing, ensuring that moisture and odors do not escape, preserving the quality and freshness of medicinal flowers, concentrates, edibles, vape cartridges, and other infused products.

  2. Tamper-Evident Tab: These bags come equipped with tamper-evident tabs, offering additional protection for your contents and ensuring that your products remain unaltered during transportation and storage.

  3. Pre-Printed Warning Labels: Our Child-Resistant Bags include warning labels compliant with CPSC PPPA title 16 CFR 170010, guaranteeing your compliance with regulatory requirements and reminding users to handle and store these products correctly.

  4. 100% Opaque: The material used in our Child-Resistant Bags ensures that the contents remain protected from light degradation, maintaining the quality and potency of your products while providing discreet protection from prying eyes.

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