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Child-resistant Glass Tubes

Child-resistant Glass Tubes


These childproof glass pre-roll cones and doob tubes provide a stunning presentation for all your natural pre-rolled cones and joints. This tube includes a child-safe push-down and turns cap with a seal fresh cap liner to keep your product beautifully displayed while adhering to state compliance for all CPSC and ASTM child safety requirements. 

This glass vial seals in the freshness of your product while providing a sleek modern look and compliant touch to your final packaged product.


Our CR Glass Tubes are:

- Child Resistant Certified 16 CFR§1700.20 
- Multi-Use Resealable
- Airtight Closure

How to Use

To open our Child Resistant Glass Tube, simply push down the tube and twist before lifting the cap.

Reach out for any questions on design and pricing!

Item Number CSG014
Name Child Resistant Glass Tube
Material Glass
Shape Round/Cylinder
Color & Finish Hot Stamp& Silk Screen Printing

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