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Child-resistant Paper Tube

Child-resistant Paper Tube

  1. Child-Resistant Paper Tube with Minimal Plastic: Our product is designed as a child-resistant paper tube, minimizing plastic usage while ensuring safety.

  2. Durable Cardboard Material: Constructed from robust and long-lasting cardboard material, it offers the highest level of protection for infused pre-rolls.

  3. Customizable Sizes: Our paper tubes can be tailored to any size to meet your specific requirements.

  4. Flexible Customization Options: We offer a range of flexible custom options, including art paper, brown kraft paper, fancy paper, CMYK printing, PMS printing, Spot UV, gold foiling, and more. This allows you to create packaging that suits your brand's unique identity and product needs.

  5. Perfect for all sizes preroll, vapes...

The Paper Tube is a superior design consisting of a two-piece paper tube with a simple child-resistant locking mechanism that will withstand repeated use, all while being easy for adults to use, thanks to a compostable plastic button.

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