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Child-resistant Paper Box

Child-resistant Paper Box

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  1. Slide Safe Paperboard Box: Slide Safe is an easy-to-use, 100% recyclable lab-certified child-resistant paperboard box, completely free of plastic.

  2. Multi Standard Sizes: Available in four standard sizes, making it the perfect premium solution for safely storing items such as batteries, blister packs, cannabis prerolls, edibles, e-cigarettes, vape cartridges, and much more.

  3. Full-Paper THC Cartridge Packaging Box: This packaging solution for THC cartridges is entirely paper-based and recyclable, ensuring both safety and sustainability.

  4. Lightweight and Portable: Slide Safe is designed to be lightweight and portable for your convenience.

  5. Specially Designed Locking System: Featuring a specially designed locking system that takes child-resistant packaging to the next level.

  6. Plastic-Free and Foam-Free: Slide Safe is entirely free of plastic and foam, aligning with eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

  7. Affordable Sustainability for Your Brand and Company: Providing an economically viable solution for sustainability, Slide Safe supports your brand and company's commitment to environmental responsibility.

  8. Highly Customizable: Slide Safe offers a high degree of customization in terms of materials, sizes, die-cut windows, printing, and coatings to meet your specific needs.

Keep your products safe and secure with our fully customizable Child Resistant Paper Boxes. Combining safety, functionality, and attractive design, these boxes can be tailored to enhance your brand's identity.

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